Me to You!

I believe dressing is the easiest way of self expression in your most comfortable space

As a professional fashion designer, I have grown to love fashion. Its something which gives me immense happiness and encourages me to keep going on. Styling is so much more than putting pieces of clothes together into a beautiful attire. I believe dressing is the easiest way of self-expression in your most comfortable space. It gives you the freedom of being anything or anyone you want to be. It is a very personal form of art which helps you to create your own individuality.

Parrot In Pink is a symbolism to ‘Speaking truth about fashion’ and for me, its mostly staying true to myself and that’s what I mean to do in this space. I want to share my opinions and ideas about fashion through dressing and this blog. I want to make this world a brighter place through fashion. Here you can catch my newest outfits, latest reviews about beauty/fashion products and travel updates.

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