Leisure walk in Crested Butte!

I always love a leisure walk sipping my coffee, do nothing and just breathe

I convinced my Husband to do a little photo shoot for the blog while hiking in the hills :p

Hello everyone! I went for a day trip to Crested Butte last weekend, a beautiful town in Colorado situated 236 km away from Boulder(where I live) and wanted to share my incredible experience with all of you. In summer, Mt.Crested Butte is the place for camping in beautiful wildflower valleys, epic mountain biking, fishing in blue rivers, lakes, and streams. So I decided to camp with my friends for a night in the campgrounds of Lake Irwin which is surrounded by snowy mountains, wildflower valleys, and aspen trees. One can enjoy a bonfire with incredible views of the milky way in the night and cold cloudy mornings followed by breathtaking sunrise. I always love a leisure walk sipping my coffee and just breathe. So the other morning I went to Elk Ave where I bought coffee from the most famous coffee place in town ‘Camp for Coffee’and they didn’t disappoint me. I enjoyed finger-licking food served outdoors in the cozy and colorful surroundings.

I am really not a pajama person to be true. So it has to be little more than that even if it includes outdoor activities. So I wore the most comfortable and beautiful romper I have ever owned from forever 21 and paired it with white sneakers which I bought from Westside store.
You can buy the similar romper here: https://www.forever21.in/p/contemporary-floral-romper-382083.html

We took a short hiking through Gothic road to the Lake Emerald.It is one of the most picturesque lakes in town situated in the basin of wildflower covered hills.

#parrotsays: Always carry your sunscreen while you go out for outdoor activities.

This is the list of little fun things I did last weekend. Tell me in the comment section below what did you do last weekend or if you have any plans for the coming one. Do like,comment & share. Have a happy week 🙂


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  1. Beautiful. Crested Butte caught my eye as I was there in fall 2018. It’s a wonderful place. The aspens were in full color but I missed the wildflowers. Glad you experienced them. 🙂


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