Rocksbox Review- Does renting jewelry is a wise decision?

Rocksbox is a rental jewelry membership where you get a jewelry box for $21 per month which contains 3 pieces of jewelry. Almost a month ago I took the membership of rocksbox to try and experience the whole thing. I got a pearl necklace, two sets of earrings (which came as one) and a rose gold crystal bracelet(you can check the image for reference). So, here’s the review:


  • You can choose the jewelry of your choice .
  • You can keep the box as long as you like & exchange it for another box.
  • I found that the jewelry available is of good quality.
  • If you really like any piece of jewelry you can buy it with a discount .


  • $21 for every month is really expensive when you can buy more trendy and cheaper jewelry elsewhere.
  • If you do not change your earrings,bracelet or necklace everyday to match with your outfit, this is not for you.

So, that’s my review for the rocksbox. I hope its useful and can help you make your decision while you order yours.


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