Two best Serums with Hyaluronic acid(HA)

Hello everyone!The Fall is here. No matter how much we love the fall for its colors or for the wardrobe it brings to us, it can still annoy us a bit for the adverse effect it has on our skin. Dry skin, chapped lips, dry scalp and the list goes on. Face, however, is something we are most concerned and conscious about since it is also the most exposed body part. I will be talking about two HA serums that I absolutely love. But before that let’s learn a little bit about Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic acid is said to be the best and most effective ingredient one can use in their beauty routine. Its been one of the most trending and popular ingredients accepted by most of the giant cosmetic brands.

Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in our skin and known to hold water keeping skin plumper and hydrated.As we get older ,HA decreases in our skin which increases fine lines.HA is generally added to creams and serum to treat dryness. Because of its ability to hold water it plumps your skin and makes it look younger and smoother.

St.Botanica HA serum:

I have used this serum for years. I generally use it as a night serum and apply it on my washed face before I go to sleep. It has visibly plumped my skin, reduced dark spots and keeps it hydrated without leaving my skin oily.

  • It comes with Vitamin C and E
  • Highly recommended for oily skin as it balances the moisture in skin without masking it too oily.
  • It has helped reduce acne on my face.
  • Its a bit pricey for the size which is 20 ml.

The Ordinary HA Serum :

This is one of the best products I have used. It has the same effects on the skin as St.Biotanica. What makes it different from the above serum is that it is one of the most affordable HA serum in the market available. I add it with my moisturizer and use it once in a day mostly in the morning after the shower.

  • It comes with B5
  • I love the fact that this is a 100% vegan formula.

These are truly the best in the market. I have used them personally and loved them. They are a part of my daily skin routine. But do not over use this product cause it can make your skin too much plumped which you might not like. I recommend using it only once in a day.


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