The Trail of lakes!

Hi everyone! A Few weeks back I had my last summer weekend trip for this year to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. It’s a 50 mile drive from Boulder which is my home. We decided to hike to Emerald lake which is a beautiful 1.8 miles trail where you can spot almost all the Colorado beauty cliche. Yes, it was so beautiful. It is still so fresh in my mind.

Nymph Lake

We started from Bear lake which is surrounded by alpine trees and while I was busy grasping every bit of the beauty around me on the way I reached Nymph lake which was an absolute treat. Clear crystal water, fishes, trees, water lilies with a great view of Longs Peak makes it so amazing and breathtaking.

Dream Lake

After experiencing little rain and passing through beautiful water streams we reached at Dream Lake which is 1.1 miles from the starting point. Dream lake sits between the dramatic alpine trees and above it you can see the dominating Hallett’s Peak. If you are lucky you might spot wildflowers along the way and some colorful birds. Few have also spotted bears on some occasions. I wish I get to see one someday.

Hike from the dream lake to Emerald lake was the most difficult part as it had a steep trail with wooden steps. I reached Emerald lake which sits at 10,000 ft above sea level and is supplied by a waterfall. Emerald lake was no doubt the most precious lakes of them all. The breathtaking views of blue water between dramatic mountain cliffs and sound of the waterfall alongside is sure to give you chills and feels. You can enjoy the perfect view of stunning Hallett Peak just above it.

So that was my last summer hike for the year. I hope you all enjoyed it. I would really appreciate if you subscribe to my blog

Tap the link and read about my beautiful trip to Crested Butte here:


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  1. Rocky Mountain National Park looks like a very beautiful place.

    Colorado is one state in the American West that I’ve never visited.

    I’ve visited Montana, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Washington, Oregon and California.

    But Wyoming and Colorado I’ve never visited yet.

    I’ll have to rectify that someday.

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      1. I’ve no doubt I’ll love it there! I can’t take sweet Lil’ Murph, so that is a draw back, you know : ) Thanks for the photo selections, I learned of more places to see in the future.

        Liked by 1 person

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