Hi Folks! It’s been a while I wrote to all of you. I took the opportunity to take a break with my recent trip to India and then quarantine. But the good news is that I am back to fill up your mails with some interesting fashion and style content.

You give me a watch and it is most likely that I am not impressed. I am too choosy when it comes to a watch. It should be classy, sleek and around exact size I expect it to be. Basically not too much of anything around my tiny wrist. So after a very tedious job I found the one perfect timepiece for me. MVMT has exceptionally beautiful women’s watches and bracelets. I have matched up the ‘CHARLIE’ watch with the Prism Charm Cuff. #jointhemvmt

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2 thoughts

  1. That is one gorgeous timepiece! I totally feel you with being keen when it comes to watches because I, myself, have my fair share of “standards” too. I am very particular with how well it’ll fit my wrist. I have small bone structure so just imagine how almost all watches would dangle on my wrist. Lol.

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