5 Must have shoes to wear with any style!

Ask any woman about her top closet obsession and she will serve you with shoes on her plate.If only we have had the budget or enough closet room, chances are we might end up having more shoes than clothes in our closet. But unfortunately it is not the reality. In fact most of us are always struggling to pair the right shoes with the right dress. With so many styles and colors of the shoes available in the market one really never knows what they actually need. Most of the time we end up buying shoes that do not go with most of our daily looks. I have been there & juggled, ended wearing the dress which matches to my shoes when I expected to match the shoe with the dress. Well that could be really disappointing and exhausting. But I am here to make your life easier. I am going to reveal my 5 most versatile shoes which I wear with almost every outfit .

#parrotsays : While shopping for shoes always make an effort to wear them and walk around for a good 1-2 minutes to decide if they are comfortable.

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  1. White flats: These shoes got you covered when you are having a rough time finding comfort and style in the same shoes. From weekend outings to your beach walk with bae and friends, white flats never disappoint you. There are no styles or a color which doesn’t go well with white. I call them my summer buddy. I practically wear them 95% of the time when I am leaving my house.
  2. Black flats/mules: If you are not pro at your heel game,black mules are your fashion savior. You might probably be wearing them everyday at work with that pencil skirt paired up with nude/white shirt or black pants with cute white or blue top.
  3. Red Heels: Red heels have got your back if nothing else works out. From casual jeans look to retro gingham or polka dots, red heels are a perfect pair of heels to add the pop of color. You can find me shamelessly reaching to my red heels whenever I am wearing a navy dress,a white shirt or dress,black and white polka dots or blue stripes.
  4. Black Heels: Your work wear outfit wouldn’t look the same without a classic black heels. You don’t have to walk much and look presentable. And you can always go on to partying or a date night after your office in these black classic beauties. Little black dress paired with black pumps is still the ongoing trend. You can not really escape from buying one of these. Look for block heels for more comfort walking.
  5. Nude/Beige Sandals : I love the sexy, summer-ish and chic look they add to your look. They will instantly add the fashion statement to your office wear, beach day or a party outfit.

With these 5 pair of shoes you are ready to hit the summer like a pro with almost every style. So without spending money on other shoes this is your shoes wish list for this summer and every summer to come . I hope you find this post useful. Tell me what are your favorite styles of shoes in the comment section below.


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  1. Yes to the red heels! I have two suede pairs and always reach for them when wearing all black-they add a pop to the look and it appears if I actually considered the outfit when I styled it, whereas really they’re just my go-to low-effort shoe that completes my outfit!

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