Happy Thursday y’all. This week has been so busy for me. I had so much content to create and so much less time and fewer days to post. But somehow I managed it all and I feel super happy and at ease. I finally am in my right head to write again so I wanted to start with lots of positive vibes and this week is all about that, all about LOVE. I had to say that I had the most fun shooting my Valentine Day outfit. It was freezing cold and I had the whole image of the shoot in my mind planned, so executing it was another task. I wanted to shoot it with balloons but unfortunately I didn’t have time to buy helium balloons so instead my husband inflated them for me. The other task was to arrange the balloons on a stick and we didn’t have that either but we managed with a broom stick, yes you heard it right and arranged balloons on that. Yes, there goes a lot of effort behind a shoot that looks so effortless. But in the end its all worth it, when you appreciate the effort and shower so much love. I hope you like this one.

I really hope you had fun reading this. Please share, like and comment. Have a great weekend y’all. Thank you for stopping by. XOXO


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